Work while socializing, socialize while working!
We remind the urban culture that "we become better when we are together" through our events like Kolektif Brunch, Jammin', Diaries, Concerts, Explore and Talks.
To make Sundays more meaningful and happier;
A cheerful Sunday activity with a healthy breakfast, inspiring artistic events, tranquilizing Sunday music and happy people.
The voice of creative startups and entrepreneurs;
An entrepreneur platform where new organizations or products developed locally are introduced and ideas are exchanged.
Grab your instrument and join with your music;
As the Jam Sessions Turkey says "Come and jam along!" You have the stage, use it as you desire.
Inspiring stories by successful people;
Interviews with famous figures from different disciplines that enjoy doing their work, creating and sharing their experiences. Those whose views we respect share their stories of turning their dreams into reality, into the work they enjoy; their creative processes, and their experiences.
Extraordinary stories that will guide you;
A platform where speakers share their success stories and failures, from their amazing travels to their unconventional experiences.
For those who want to break their daily routine;
Find your escape by socializing while enjoying yummy snacks and delicious cocktails.
Speeches from respected and loved veterans;
The educational platform where experienced veterans make speeches in accordance with Startups’ needs.
Design a creative events for your brand with us!
With our start-to-finish event solutions, you can custom design the event of your dreams to add value to your brand.
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