Broker Partnership

We offer a solution-oriented commercial real estate partnership that you can trust by helping you find the most productive space for your clients when and where they need them most. You can become a member of the Broker Partnership without paying any fee. With different membership models, it is suitable for everyone from growing teams of 2 to corporate companies of 1000 people. A single roof where all your office demands are met with different solutions; Kolektif House.

Kolektif House Broker Partnership
Why Broker Partnership

Why should you become a Broker Partnership member?

Work with a reliable and quality brand, find the place you need.

  • Access to a wide portfolio and real estate pool suitable for the needs of every audience, team and company
  • Collaborations that will turn into contracts quickly and give guaranteed results
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Solutions that appeal to corporate users
  • Customizable deals and field configurations
  • Avoid project delays with a single partner, reduce the cost of construction processes
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Kolektif House Partnership 2
Kolektif House Partnership 3


After filling out our form below, you will have taken the first step. In the next step, our team contacts you in line with the information received by Kolektif House and our cooperation begins.

After submitting their requests via e-mail, the processes are evaluated with certain criteria. The date of sending the mail is taken as a basis in the verification and decision phase. Similarly, no action will be taken for requests that are not sent to us by e-mail. If the same request has come from different intermediaries, or if the member has applied to Kolektif House before, the dates of the requests are compared and progress is made with the person who received the first request.

You inform Kolektif House about potential customer requests with details such as number of people and office expectation via e-mail. Afterwards, your mail is evaluated and verified by Kolektif House. Within the agreed period for mutual cooperation, the commission payment is made to your side, depending on the contract period, with the return of the request to membership.

The commission amount to be paid is calculated by adding the high service fee rates determined for our Coworking, Suites and Enterprise products and calculated over the annual contract prices and forwarded to you.

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