Life is Better Together
We are the meeting point for successful entrepreneurs, freelance workers and companies from a diverse group of industries.
We’re adding value not only to your jobs, but also to your social lives.
We present many advantages to KoMembers by cooperating with our favorite brands.
Special events for KoMembers
We organize activities for KoMembers to step out of their office lives and socialize with their neighbors.
Office Massage
A relaxing surprise awaits you by our Balinese masseuses that visit your office.
Monday Breakfast
At Kolektif, Monday syndrome is beaten by a collective breakfast to start the week together.
Kolektif Getaways
Everyday is a vacation for those who love their jobs. At our KoMemember vacations, we provide an experience where having fun and working are intertwined. Enjoy working passionately in between your midafternoon nap.
Happy Hour
We organize happy hours to help ease the end of day. The KoMember life is working while mingling, mingling while working!
Breathing Exercise
We become aware of our minds which restrict breathing, in turn we become free in our breath and mind.
Rhythm Circle
As strong believers in the uniting power of music, we stand as one in a rhythm circle provided by Jam Sessions Turkey.
Be a part of this spirit and enjoy being a KoMember!
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